THE WAIT IS OVER! We have finally arrived to the end of this year’s money challenge. It has been a long year and I have been updating you guys on my personal money challenge every three months. This is our final update for the year and I hope some of the information shared below will encourage you to start or continue saving money towards your future financial goals.  Read more

Top 7 Money Lies You Tell Yourself!

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“If you change nothing, nothing will change”- Unknown


♦ Do you constantly take money out of your savings account without paying yourself back?
♦ Do you ever feel like you don’t make enough money to save?
♦ Are you planning for a retirement of your dreams?

If these questions resonate with you at all, stay tuned while we debunk some of the biggest money lies ever told.  Read more


If you are brand new to couponing at CVS, Welcome! Read this post before getting started. 

In this Sunday’s newspaper you should expect (3) three inserts; 1 P&G, 1 Smartsource and 1 Redplum. For this challenge you will need to purchase two Sunday newspapers. Be sure to cut the coupons needed for this challenge and plan your coupon trip ahead of time. 

Print out your MDHC Breakdown sheet and get started now on this super easy CVS Challenge. Post your haul on our Facebook Page and tag us on Instagram using hashtags #showmdhc and #mdhccouponing.

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