THE WAIT IS OVER! We have finally arrived to the end of this year’s money challenge. It has been a long year and I have been updating you guys on my personal money challenge every three months. This is our final update for the year and I hope some of the information shared below will encourage you to start or continue saving money towards your future financial goals. 

In this year’s money challenge, I was challenged to save $1,378.

The first thing most people would think is, “Man, that doesn’t sound like much money”. Which is absolutely correct! However, money challenges are designed for people who want to focus on learning how to save money consistently. This means ” NO WITHDRAWALS, NO SKIPPED DAYS, NO DOUBLING UP”. Consistency is a key element to building wealth and the less you focus on how much your saving the stronger your consistency level becomes.

This can be very difficult to do when you first try to start a money challenge. I know when I first tried a money challenge, I tried a challenge that looked manageable initially and it became way too intense for my budget. As a result, I quit way too soon. With more experience, I can now say that the key to surviving a money challenge is to choose one that works for your budget and to give your savings challenge a purpose.



At the beginning of this year, my money challenge goal was to complete our full emergency fund. However, mid year plans changed and we decided to use the money to pay for our car insurance six months at a time. In our minds we thought if we didn’t have to worry about car insurance monthly, we can then transfer our attention to another savings goal each month, such as a vacation fund.

Ultimately it doesn’t matter what you plan for the money as long as their is a goal set in place.

During the year, I’d have to say this challenge did not challenge us so much. We were pretty comfortable in making the payments as the paychecks rolled in which means that in 2018  we have to go 3x as hard. What we did appreciate about this year’s challenge is that no matter how “easy” it felt, we remained consistent in completing every payment due no matter how small or large the amount was. For some people it may feel a bit useless to deposit $3 into a savings account as oppose to $100. However, its important to focus on the ending goal of the money challenge as oppose to the actual amount being deposited.

The greatest obstacle in this year’s challenge was not so much the financial side of it but the discipline part of it. The part where you think you can add more money into it but remaining disciplined enough to follow the money challenge correctly or when you feel like you can afford to skip a payment and double up on the following one. Those are the types of challenges we faced this year and our goal is to get better as we move on to next year’s challenge.

As we close out the year I look forward to creating our next money challenge and getting started asap. In 2018 MDHC will be offering 3 new Money Challenges for you to join us in. Please let me know if you enjoy the challenges and what else I can do to help you achieve your financial goals next year. Join our mailing list and subscribe in order to receive first dibs on the 2018 Money Challenges coming really soon. Thank you for joining us this year and I look forward to seeing you in the next year.

Happy Holidays!




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