9 Months Later……2017 MDHC CHALLENGE CHECK IN


This 2017 Money challenge is almost over and if you want to know the latest update on ours this year please continue reading. 

I know we are approaching the holiday season and it can be a bit harder than usual to save money during this time, but I hope we haven’t lost you on this money challenge. This is our accountability session we have every 3 months to check on each other’s progress. I will share with you where I am today and hopefully you will share where you stand today.

If you are new to MDHC please check the two previous check ins to catch up to speed. Hopefully you can join is in next year’s challenge coming up really soon.


Where am I now?

As of today, I have saved $820 out of $1378. The latest contribution required $79 to be added to the challenge.

Is the challenge getting more difficult? easier? 

I would say that the challenge have gotten more demanding now that I am contributing more than I was used too in the beginning of the year. When I am creating my monthly budget I do notice the increase in my contributions and I sometimes have to find other areas to cut back on in order to be more comfortable.

Has your purpose for saving this 2017 Money Challenge changed?

As a matter of fact it has changed. Upon starting this challenge our goal was to add the 2017 Money challenge into the emergency fund, however we now have a new expense; a car. This 2017 money challenge will give us the opportunity to pay our car insurance six months at a time.

What roadblocks/setbacks were faced, if any while trying to complete this challenge? 

Thankfully we have remained consistent in this challenge and nothing has gotten in the way of contributing to it as of yet. We still have 3 more months and the holidays are slowly but surely approaching. In the future I can see it getting more challenging especially with our car expense. But what keeps us going is the fact that the money from the challenge will allow us to pay the car insurance off twice a year as oppose to on a monthly basis. Saving with a purpose is really helping us see the bigger picture.

What is one piece of advice you would give someone who wants to succeed in completing 2018 Money Challenge?

I would tell them not to worry about the amount of money your saving but to focus on the consistency. Get into the habit of setting a purpose for that money and slowly building it up one paycheck at a time. The key to saving is to make it a priority.

Now its your turn!

I encourage you to share your experience as well so that we can continue to motivate one another throughout this journey. Hope to hear from you soon.


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