Side hustles are a key staple in any millennial financial journey. A side hustle can be the buffer between your income and your next emergency or it can lead you straight to your dream job. You just never know unless you dib and dab into different types of side hustles.

Whether you end up liking or hating your side hustle, it would have at least served its main purpose; earning extra cash. 

Learn more about starting your own side hustle below.

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Currently Debt Free…So What’s Next?

No more credit card bills…

No more student loan payments….

No more debt………

So what’s next?

Since I have been debt free for a few months now, I have been asked a few questions about my debt free journey. Some of the recurrent questions I’ve heard include; did I relapse back into debt? Did I go on a vacation because I deserved it? Did I go on a shopping spree? Has this process changed your lifestyle?

To find out my current game plan, keep reading.

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This year I have learned a lot about my financial journey through trial and error, of course. I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t work within my own personal budget experiences. As I do my check ins with some friends and family every now and then someone tells me that “budgeting is not their thing”, and they are two seconds away from giving it up. I try placing myself in their shoes and would think about the reasons I have quit managing my money in the past. Back then I was not ready to accept responsibility for the foolish things I did with my money. But as I got older, I realized my values are far more important than anything man made and learning how to manage my finances has been one of the best decisions I made for my family and I. You are probably at that point in your life too and are looking for ways to improve your way of living and that most certainly includes your budget. This is the perfect post for you. Read more