Top 7 Money Lies You Tell Yourself!

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“If you change nothing, nothing will change”- Unknown


♦ Do you constantly take money out of your savings account without paying yourself back?
♦ Do you ever feel like you don’t make enough money to save?
♦ Are you planning for a retirement of your dreams?

If these questions resonate with you at all, stay tuned while we debunk some of the biggest money lies ever told.  Read more


Side hustles are a key staple in any millennial financial journey. A side hustle can be the buffer between your income and your next emergency or it can lead you straight to your dream job. You just never know unless you dib and dab into different types of side hustles.

Whether you end up liking or hating your side hustle, it would have at least served its main purpose; earning extra cash. 

Learn more about starting your own side hustle below.

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