Its time to raise the bar at MDHC! Last week we introduced the idea of rolling your Extrabuck rewards into multiple transactions to minimize your total cost. This week we will do our challenge between 2 separate transactions. Just follow along closely and prepare all your coupons ahead of time. Good luck!

This week’s challenge requires at least 2 copies of the Sunday newspapers. If you ended our last week’s challenge with us, you should have a total of $5.50 Extrabuck rewards to use this week. If this is your first time you should NOT spend more than $20 in this challenge. 

Before we begin, are you familiar with the coupon basics for shopping at CVS? Find out here. 

 All you need:
⭐️ $20 dollar bill and/or ECB’s
⭐️ printable coupons mentioned
⭐️ (2) Two 6/4 newspapers with 3 inserts included (1 Smartsource and 2 Redplums) ⭐️ 5/28 P+G (optional) 
⭐️CVS Extra Care card or number
⭐️This MDHC breakdown

*Photo credit: Flipp app 

Lets Get Started


Transaction #1

Pick up 2 Ban SOLID deodorant (not pictured) for $3.99 each (prices vary) = $7.98 

Use 2 $1 manufacturer coupons from 6/4 Smartsource insert

Pay $5.98 and receive $6 Extrabuck Rewards

Final Price: Free + 0.02 cent money maker 


Pick up 2 Garnier Fructis Shampoo or Conditioner 12-13 oz for $7

Use (2) $2 manufacturer coupon PRINT ME HERE or 6/4 Redplum #2 

Pay $3.00 and receive $3 Extrabuck Rewards

Final Price: Free after Extrabuck Rewards   

Total cost for Transaction #1

$8.98 plus tax NY applied (use your own state tax)

Pay $9.78 and receive $9 ECB’s  


Continue by rolling those Extrabuck rewards into our next transaction below. 

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Transaction #2 

Wipe the sweat off your eyebrows and roll those Extrabucks from Transaction #1. Take your time and stay organized. 

Buy 2 Colgate Toothbrushes or Toothpastes $3.99 each= $7.98

Use (2) $1 manufacturer coupon from 6/4 Smartsource or an alternative coupon available here adjust your total cost 

Pay $5.98 and receive $4 Extrabuck Rewards 

Final Price: $1.98 or 99 cents each. 


Pick up 1 Hershey’s King Size, Twizzlers or Hershey’s Snack Bites for $1.88 

After your purchase receive $1 Extrabuck reward

Final Price: 0.88 cents 


Pick up 1 bottle of Dawn Dish Detergent 8-9 oz. for 99 cents

Download the app for 25 cents instant savings 

Use 0.25 cent manufacturer coupon from 5/28 PG 

Pay 49 cents or 74 cents with out PG previous insert


Total cost of Transaction #2

= $8.35 + NY tax 0.74 cents (use your own state tax)

Total $9.09 use your $9 Extrabuck rewards from Transaction #1 and pay the difference. FINAL BALANCE SHOULD BE FREE!

Receive $5 ECBs for your next transaction. 


So you picked up:

2 Ban Deodorants $5.98 ($6 ECBs earned)

2 Garnier Fructis Shampoo/Conditioner $3 ($3 ECBs earned) 

2 Colgate Toothpaste/Toothbrushes $5.98 ( $4 ECBs earned)

1 Hershey, Twizzlers or Hersheys Snack $1.88 ($1 ECB earned)

1 Dawn dish detergent 49 cents (NO ECBS)

And you only paid $9.87 for all 8 items plus you received $14 Extrabucks between both transactions. Won’t he do it! 


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