Here is How I Spent $5.31 Rolling Extrabuck/ Beauty Buck Rewards at CVS..

Hey guys,

Here is a CVS Haul I completed a few days ago. You can follow along if you have all the coupons necessary.

I started the trip with $10 Extrabuck Rewards and a $5 Beauty Buck reward earned last week. You earn a Beauty buck for every $50 spent(before coupons) on beauty products at CVS.

In total I had $15 rewards to use.

Don’t Forget

♥ CVS Card

♥ Coupons/ Extrabuck Rewards

Transaction #1 

3 Scott Tissues on sale for $15 

-Used (3) $1.00 manufacturer coupon 

-Used a $2 off $11 toilet paper (store coupon) 

Price: $10 

Paid using $10 Extrabuck rewards and received $5 Extrabuck rewards after the purchase 

Submitted receipt for a $2 rebate on Ibotta. Redeem your rebate here today + receive a $5 sign in bonus. 

Final Price: FREE +$ 7.00 moneymaker 

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Transaction #2

3 Pantene Products for $15

2 CVS Ibuprofen Buy 1 get 1 50% off (receive $5 Extrabuck rewards) $3.99 + $1.99 = $5.98 

Price: $20.98 

Coupons used

-$5 off 3 Pantene products manufacturer coupon (5/28 P+G) 

-$1 off Ibuprofen store coupon (check the end of your receipts and CVS redbox) 

-$5 Beauty Buck Reward 

-$5 Extrabuck reward from 1st transaction 

Paid $4.98 plus tax $5.31 and received a $5 Extrabuck reward 

Essentially I spent $5.31 at the store but after the Ibotta rebate my total cost is $3.31.

$2 rebate from Ibotta still available 


That is how I spent $5.31 rolling ECBS/BB at CVS!

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Thank you and see you soon! 

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