Top Ten Frequent Questions Answered …Couponing at CVS 101


Hope this post helps clarify some unanswered questions about using coupons at CVS.  

What is the difference between a manufacturer coupon and a CVS store coupon?

Well a manufacturer coupon is a coupon that comes directly from the company who makes the product. When a consumer uses a manufacturer coupon properly, they are receiving the discount and the manufacturer is paying the store full price for the item purchased. This coupon will most likely state that it is a manufacturer’s coupon somewhere on it. It can be found in your local Sunday newspapers or even online on coupon websites such as

A store coupon is a coupon that comes directly from the store. Pretty much the store is offering the consumer the discount. A store coupon can be found in the stores circular, coupon websites or rarely in the Sunday newspaper.

** You can use both of these types of coupons on 1(one) item to maximize your savings total.

What is a Red Box coupon?

In CVS stores there is a red box also known as the extra care coupon center kiosk usually located in the front or back of your store. You can find the price of an item here and also print out your personalized coupons from this machine. Just type in your phone number or scan your CVS card and your coupons will print immediately.

What is a personalized coupon?

Personalized coupons also known as CRT(cash register tape) are the coupons at the end of your receipt. You may find that you receive the same coupons twice; at the end of your receipt or by printing them from the coupon center kiosk. Coupons printed from the redbox machine are also considered personalized coupons and can vary. Your personalized coupon may be $5 off $25 in diapers and mine may be $10 off $30. I believe they are randomized but am not too sure.

**Note that a personalized coupon can only be used with the card it was issued too.

What are Extrabuck Rewards?

Extrabuck Rewards are earned by purchasing selected items that are on sale at CVS. Extrabuck rewards are like cash, you can purchase almost anything you want in CVS stores with the Extrabuck rewards you earn from qualifying products. There are some restrictions on what you can purchase with Extrabuck rewards and it is usually printed at the bottom of the Extrabuck reward. You can find out which products are producing Extrabuck rewards or ECBs by picking up your weekly ad or on the CVS app. Your Extrabuck rewards will print after your receipt and can be used on your next purchase.

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How else can I save at CVS?

You can start by creating a CVS account online and waiting for your Extracare card to come in the mail. Sign up here. You don’t have to wait until your card arrives CVS will provide you with a temporary card you can print out and take to the store. When I downloaded the app I received an instant $3 Extrabuck rewards to use on my next purchase, you can too.
You can also save by downloading the CVS app on your phone and adding your CVS card information to your profile. This is the most convenient way to start tracking your spending at CVS and gain personalized coupons. The more you buy a certain product, the more you receive similar deals in the app. You can also opt in to receive CVS emails for promotional discounts, like spend $20 get $5 off your total. Those types of emails can be used in addition to the savings found in the CVS app and your personalized coupons. Also sign up for CVS Extra Care Beauty Club, where you can receive $5 Extrabuck rewards for every $50 spent on beauty products and so much more.

 Below is an example of my personalized deals in my CVS app. You can either have your personalized deals sent to your card or print them at the coupon center kiosk. You can use a personalized coupon(store coupon), an in app coupon, manufacturer coupon, and/ or promotional email to decrease your total spending. 

example of the cvs app


Can you reuse a coupon for several items? 

No, you cannot reuse a coupon and have the cashier scan the same coupon over and over again. But you CAN print the same type of coupon and use it up to 4 times in one single transaction.

Is there a limit on Extrabuck rewards you can earn on an item?

Yes, there is a limit for the amount of Extrabuck rewards you can earn for a specific product. For example, a sale indicates the Scope mouthwash is on sale for $2.99 with CVS card and receive $2 back in Extrabuck rewards, limit 2. Limit 2 means you can do this deal twice and receive a total of $4 in Extrabuck rewards. You can buy the mouthwash at that price as much as you would like, but you will only receive a maximum of $4 back in Extrabuck rewards.

Is there a limit to how many Extrabucks you can use for each transaction?

You can use as many Extrabuck rewards you want on your transaction as long as it is not above your total cost value. For example, lets say you have $15 extrabuck rewards and your total price is $15.50, if you want to use your entire $15 extrabuck rewards and pay the 50 cents you can do so. But if you have $15 extrabuck rewards and your total is $13, you should get something worth $2 as oppose to loose the rest of the Extrabuck reward. You CANNOT receive actual change back from a extrabuck reward. Extrabuck rewards are like cash except they do have an expiration date, so use them before you loose them.

What does rolling your Ecbs mean? 

“Rolling Ecb’s” is when you take Extrabuck rewards you’ve earned from one transaction and apply it to another transaction lowering your total price or making them completely free!

How do people get multiple items for a low price? 

People usually buy several newspapers or order the # of inserts they need online. Some people receive extra coupons from their friends and family as well. If you know an upcoming insert will have coupons for items you want or need, the best way to get in on that sale is to get your hands on a bunch of those coupons. There are several people who sell inserts in bulks online, but you have to be careful because they may not all be legit. Having a coupon for each item you plan to buy and stacking manufacturer coupons/store coupons on top of a sale price can definitely lower your out of pocket cost.

Another way people get multiple items for a low price is by buying items that produce Extrabuck rewards and then saving the Extrabuck rewards and using them for a big purchase. Couponing is one of those things you have to put up money up front to actually start optimizing on the free items in the long run. But that takes time, dedication and planning and you have to start somewhere, that is why I recommend $10 or $20 challenges. Challenges are easy and perfect for beginners, that is how I got started. I always recommend starting small and gradually working your way to bigger and better deals.

I enjoyed answering these questions, if you have any other questions you need answered, feel free to comment them below. I would also like to hear from people who have experience with couponing at CVS. What can you share with people who want to learn? Share them with us below.


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